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An Integral Psychotherapeutic Approach to Inner Development & States of Consciousness Integrating the Fullest Spectrum of the Human Condition & Potential into a Deeper State of Wholeness & Optimal Psychic Health.

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As Seen on MTV 5 Star Reviews on Yelp
As Seen on MTV 5 Star Reviews on Yelp
Dr. Michelle Miller

Welcome to Intagre’          

Intagre’ (I) incorporates the bio/psycho/social/transpersonal aspects of the human being and provides a multi-perspective theoretical methodology to therapeutic healing. This integrative process often leads clients to a rediscovery of an authentic & deeply integrated sense of self. I utilizes an integrative approach to inner development and psychotherapy that incorporates techniques & methodologies from various psychotherapeutic approaches although many of its principles also focus on human consciousness. I’s core therapeutic focus is on integrating the various and/or disconnected parts of the psyche into a coherent whole. This results in a significant reduction in chronic self-destructive patterns and psychological symptoms that connote an imbalance in the psyche. The human psyche is vastly more complex than any single theory can accommodate and I caters to this complexity. offers a healing approach that focuses on working with multiple states of consciousness that oscillate between the extreme edges of the psyche including the Dissociated, Fragmented, Individuated & Transpersonal. This work assists the psyche to evolve into a fuller integrated sense of self and a deeper connection with one own’s inner guidance.


The Therapeutic Process  

 I have been trained in various approaches that speed up the process of healing & integration in my clients compared to traditional psychotherapy approaches. I address self-destructive patterns by helping my clients get to the core of their issues. I help clients empower themselves in a way where they rely on their own internal guidance system that gives the space for their true self to emerge. The therapeutic process also presupposes a Humanistic, existential & transpersonal stance in which there is a fundamental drive in people towards maturity, freedom, wholeness and expressing the self creatively.  The goal of this approach to therapy is the ‘synthesising’ and integrating of the various parts of the self into a unified whole around a central core. I’s theoretical underpinnings have evolved over the years to reflect in techniques that focus on creating a therapeutic shared space & process necessary for the inner guidance & resources of the client to emerge & unfold. Examples of some of these techniques include the positive use of the will through creative visualisation, dis-identification exercises, creativity, higher consciousness and the development of interpersonal healing and integration through the client-therapist dynamics.

It is our greatest pain that may contain a deeper purpose. The therapist/healer and client enter into those places most feared, rejected and avoided for the purpose of healing through suffering, ultimately experiencing wholeness in a sacred therapeutic space. Every client’s experiential and theoretical therapeutic process differs as a reflection of their own unique journey of healing. My therapeutic approach with clients is helping them reconnect with their internal reference point that has the ability to actualize, integrate, heal and transcend the full spectrum of their human conditioning. The result is a reduction in and transformation of the initial presented symptoms and conditions that originally felt debilitating, dysfunctional and imprisoning. Please see my “about me” and “services” pages to learn more about my specialities, trainings and modalites that are utilized in this process.

Healing from Complex Trauma (CPTSD) & Rediscovering Our Lost Parts

ICC views the full spectrum of trauma & chaos as interwoven into the fabric of life and the genetic blueprint of the individuation & growth process potentially serving as catalysts towards life altering shifts in consciousness which lead to sustainable transformation and wholeness. The lost & shattered pieces of the psyche begin to integrate into the core of the personality during the therapeutic process resulting in a deeper connection with one’s essence. The sacred shared space throughout our sessions allows clients a sense of safety & healing in a way that doesn’t retraumatize them when difficult material resurfaces. As you create a foundation of a fuller embodied actualization of the disconnected parts of your psyche & deep transcendence of the core wounds and shadows of your personality, you will discover a long term transformation, sustained emotional balance, expanded insight, greater buoyancy in the face of life’s challenges, and access to your creative potentials and manifestations.

What Dr. Michelle Miller’s Clients are saying…


“It takes a lot for me to be open and honest about my inner life. Especially on the internet, in plain view of everyone. But Michelle Miller makes me want to. I’m not sure how to adequately or concisely state how much she was able to help me. To be brief: I came to her one person, and I left someone else. Make that, a better version of myself. Someone much more in touch with the divergent aspects of himself than I ever thought possible. Michelle at various times acted as therapist, as hypnotist, as life coach, and as creative spark. It would be possible to see Michelle for years and not even begin to scratch the surface of what she is capable of revealing in you. I know that was my experience.”

~Male Client, Age 38

Female age 47

"In the few sessions I have had with Michelle I have found her to be a profoundly intuitive therapist. She hones in on my needs so directly and her analysis of what's happening in my life is spot on. I can truly say, after a lifetime of working with therapists, that Michelle is THE best therapist I've ever had."

~Female, Age 47

Female client age 54

"Michelle is an excellent therapist. I grew leaps and bounds in the relatively short time we worked together in healing from childhood sexual abuse. I would highly recommend her!"

~Female Client, Age 54

Female Client, Age 24

“If you're looking for an incredibly kind-hearted and genuine therapist, Michelle is it. She has a way of instantly making you feel comfortable, and her advice comes from a place that truly cares. Every week I looked forward to our sessions, knowing that when I left I would feel as though a weight had been lifted off me.”

~Female Client, Age 24

Female age 26

"Dr. Miller pulls out emotions and thoughts that are difficult for me to access in my day to day. Her guidance is helpful in processing these emotions and experiences and I am left with a different perspective an deeper self-awareness. She has been invaluable in helping me heal from old and new stresses in my life while also realizing a more complete sense of self." 

~ Female Client, Age 26

Male Client, Age 32

“Michelle is extraordinary. She takes an individual approach with each patient, honoring their journey. She's knows when to push and when to stay back and allow you to naturally unfurl. Trauma resolution is her forte. I highly-recommend anyone with trauma in their past to work with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has worked miracles in my life.

~Male Client, Age 32

Male age 36

"I don't have the words to define the excellent work you have done. All I would say is that your way and techniques are full of magic. I used to have the worst migraines before my treatment with you. After the first session of EMDR, I haven't had any headaches since then. I can't express my feelings with the way you helped me."

~Male Client, Age 36

Male Client, Age 42

"Dr. Miller went to the core of the issue, and in 4-5 sessions was able to solve years of suffering. I had a mountain on my heart and now I can finally breath. I feel like I left the mental prison that I was stuck in for years and am back to my normal life. I recommend Dr. Miller to anyone who is looking for a smart, proactive therapist who uses her time wisely and deeply cares about her patients."

~Male Client, Age 42

"A Somatic Therapy Genius! Warm, Open, Intuitive and Effective."

~Female Client, Age 32

Female age 30

"When I first went to See Michelle I felt like I was in a dark hole with no way out, too feeble to take control of my emotions and my life. After just a few sessions with Dr. Miller, I started to feel a shift. My issues were put into a new perspective and I was able to take the necessary actions to improve my situation."

~Female Client, Age 30

Female Client, Age 40

“I came to Michelle in a state of very high anxiety and even some depression over 1 year ago.  I had been in therapy with different doctors for the past 15 years and was tired of the same approach. Michelle is innovative! It’s not just a talk therapy session every week. It’s interactive. It’s grounding. It’s modern. And she is compassionate and a true professional. When I am bawling my eyes out or super stressed, I know I can count on our session to reset. I always hang up with her knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that my sessions are valuable. I feel like I am transforming like never before and that I am finally getting what I needed for so many years. Thank you Michelle!”

~Female Client, Age 40

Male Client, Age 31

“Michelle Miller is a special therapist. I’m so grateful to have found her. One step at a time, she’s help me turn my life around. I look forward to each session and always feel lighter and more balanced after my time with her. She has this incredible ability to make me feel like I am in a safe, open, comfortable space for sharing. She asks all the right questions and professionally guides me towards the source of my issues. I’m amazed at her gift for taking me where I am at – whether a deep mental health issue or a specific event over the last week, Michelle creates an open, healthy space for anything I might be dealing with. Light is at the end of the tunnel and Michelle can help take you there.

~Male Client, Age 31


"I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a deep transformative experience."

~ Female Client, Age 36


"...By working with Michelle, I feel that I have made strides towards bettering my quality of life, coming closer to knowing myself well, and figuring out how much further I have to go to be the most/best me. Michelle is flexible with her scheduling when necessary, and she makes our time together each week a valuable priority that I wouldn’t miss for nearly anything. I’m truly lucky to benefit from her work."

~ Female Client, Age 32


"I just wanted to reiterate how incredible this process has been so far. You are unlike any other therapist in that you really make me feel healed. I leave each session, understanding that things can be hard but that there can be a sort of peace underlying it all. I'm incredibly grateful for having found you and for all that you have helped me with."

~Female Client, Age 28

I can honestly say that I have made more progress in the last few months than in all of my 16 years seeing traditional psychiatrists and psychologists. I feel like I’ve finally been freed from an inner prison. Michelle has literally changed my life.

~Female Client, Age 36

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“An effective cure does not come through alleviation of the emotional and psychosomatic symptoms involved, but through their temporary intensification, full experience, and conscious integration.”

~Stanislav Grof