Dr. Michelle Miller

Dr. Michelle Miller, Ph.D., LCSW, M.A., CPC

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist
Integral & Transpersonal Psychologist
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Advanced EMDR Practitioner
Somatic Psychotherapist
PsychoShamanic Therapist
Advanced Breathwork Practitioner
Complex Trauma Specialist

Integral Consciousness Center  ICCTM

As an internationally-recognized integral licensed clinical psychotherapist & transpersonal psychologist, my practice includes a broad spectrum of clients of different ages, cultures, sexual & philosophical orientations, and professions. My private practice has evolved to both online & in-person sessions. My two offices are in Greenwich Village, NYC & Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn where I see my clients in-person. In my private psychotherapy practice I work with mild to severe cases. As one of my main specialties is complex childhood trauma and dissociation, I have succesfully worked with more severe cases including clients struggling with schizophrenia, Borderline symptoms, Bi-Polar, PTSD, CPTSD, major depression, and multiple personality disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). When necessary I have sucessfully helped clients withdraw from pharmaceutical medications in a gradual and sustainable manner with the help and guidance of holistic psychiatrists and/or naturopathic doctors. This has been a successful endeavor for clients healing from various degrees of conditions. Please read some of my clients’ testimonials right below or on my testimonials page, yelp page and Facebook page to learn more about the benefits of this healing process.

What Dr. Michelle Miller’s Clients are Saying…


“It takes a lot for me to be open and honest about my inner life. Especially on the internet, in plain view of everyone. But Michelle Miller makes me want to. I’m not sure how to adequately or concisely state how much she was able to help me. To be brief: I came to her one person, and I left someone else. Make that, a better version of myself. Someone much more in touch with the divergent aspects of himself than I ever thought possible. Michelle at various times acted as therapist, as hypnotist, as life coach, and as creative spark. It would be possible to see Michelle for years and not even begin to scratch the surface of what she is capable of revealing in you. I know that was my experience.”

~Male Client, Age 38

Female Client, Age 55

"Dr. Miller has been integral to my ability to detox from a very heavy dose of pain pills, to make major changes in my life, ie co-dependency and poor relationships and to feel worthy of healthy relationships. I attribute much of my ability to deal with chronic pain without the need for more pain pills, to the work I am doing with Dr. Miller. In Dr. Miller's care, I feel capable of breaking dysfunctional habits, I've developed during my 55 years of life. This is the most productive therapy I have ever engaged in!"

~Female Client, Age 55

Female Client, Age 39

"This is the FIRST time I went deeper in therapy! The visualization techniques and inner child work we do has done wonders for me. I am grateful for Dr. Miller’s compassionate demeanor and straight talk!"

~Female Client, Age 39

Female Client, Age 28

"Michelle is incredibly gifted and unlike any other therapist or healer I've ever worked with—her intuition is amazing, her energy is supportive, and I walk out with clarity and a feeling that I have recovered a piece of me. When you are abused as a child, your consciousness becomes fragmented, and so Michelle feels like she is facilitating me piecing myself back together and integrating all of the parts of me.  Slowly but surely, she is guiding me to be more whole, more loving towards myself, and more 'me.'  I don't know how she does it—she's truly amazing."

~Female Client, Age 28

Female Client, Age 40

“I came to Michelle in a state of very high anxiety and even some depression over 1 year ago.  I had been in therapy with different doctors for the past 15 years and was tired of the same approach. Michelle is innovative! It’s not just a talk therapy session every week. It’s interactive. It’s grounding. It’s modern. And she is compassionate and a true professional. When I am bawling my eyes out or super stressed, I know I can count on our session to reset. I always hang up with her knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that my sessions are valuable. I feel like I am transforming like never before and that I am finally getting what I needed for so many years. Thank you Michelle!”

~Female Client, Age 40

Male Client, Age 31

“Michelle Miller is a special therapist. I’m so grateful to have found her. One step at a time, she’s help me turn my life around. I look forward to each session and always feel lighter and more balanced after my time with her. She has this incredible ability to make me feel like I am in a safe, open, comfortable space for sharing. She asks all the right questions and professionally guides me towards the source of my issues. I’m amazed at her gift for taking me where I am at – whether a deep mental health issue or a specific event over the last week, Michelle creates an open, healthy space for anything I might be dealing with. Light is at the end of the tunnel and Michelle can help take you there.

~Male Client, Age 31


"I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a deep transformative experience."

~ Female Client, Age 36


"...By working with Michelle, I feel that I have made strides towards bettering my quality of life, coming closer to knowing myself well, and figuring out how much further I have to go to be the most/best me. Michelle is flexible with her scheduling when necessary, and she makes our time together each week a valuable priority that I wouldn’t miss for nearly anything. I’m truly lucky to benefit from her work."

~ Female Client, Age 32


"I just wanted to reiterate how incredible this process has been so far. You are unlike any other therapist in that you really make me feel healed. I leave each session, understanding that things can be hard but that there can be a sort of peace underlying it all. I'm incredibly grateful for having found you and for all that you have helped me with."

~Female Client, Age 28

I can honestly say that I have made more progress in the last few months than in all of my 16 years seeing traditional psychiatrists and psychologists. I feel like I’ve finally been freed from an inner prison. Michelle has literally changed my life.

~Female Client, Age 36

Female Client, Age 25


"Dr. Miller is a light worker. A healer. I was in a deep state of depression and anxiety when I came to her only 1 year ago. She fostered the exploration inside myself that needed love and healing above all, and allowed me to explore my own true potential by releasing the pain of the past. Dr. Miller is nurturing yet pushes you when you need it, and can guide you through breakthroughs no matter how deep and painful it may feel. Her work is seriously transformational and it has changed my life above all. I've tapped into parts of myself I didn't know existed and continue to release my emotional pain, patterns and behaviors.  I will always go to Dr. Miller!"

~Female Client, Age 25

My Doctorate is in Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA with a concentration in the transpersonal branch of psychology which focuses on the deepest dimensions of the psyche. My dissertation is about the healing effects of EMDR & Transpersonal Psychotherapy in treating complex trauma (CPTSD). I also have two additional Masters Degrees including in Clinical Social Work and Kabbalistic Studies. In addition, I am a certified transformational life coach, EFT Therapist, EMDR practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and Somatic Psychotherapist. My trainings have given me the ability to create a space that is easily conducive towards deepening & accelerating the healing process and allowing the client to enter into altered states of consciousness more easily. This includes using Hypnotherapeutic age regression techniques, inner child work, Clarity Breathwork, Somatic Psychotherapy, shamanic journeying and a modality called Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR). In Somatic Psychotherapy, I am able to attune to my clients’ somatic sensations in their body.  I usually feel it in my own body and ask for validation which 98% of the time is received and confirmed. I then use a combination of psychosomatic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, HRM (holographic resulotion method), and energy psychology work to help the client release and integrate the somatic blocks which are usually linked to unresolved patterns, issues and/or traumas.

Trained in both traditional and more cutting edge modalities and psychotherapeutic teachings, I offer over 10 years of immersion in transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, trauma work and alternative healing modalities. One of my specialties is in trauma-related work. My trauma-based training began by practicing as a social work clinical therapist at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (JBFCS) agency including at an inpatient residential facility for adolescents suffering from moderate to severe forms of childhood trauma as well as at an outpatient mental health clinic with individuals, couples, families, and groups suffering from moderate to severe symptoms. These trainings provided for me an invaluable experience in working with very complex trauma-related cases and chaotic/crisis-based situations. After my experience at JBFCS I joined a Humanistic-based mental health clinic called the “New York Person-Centered Resource Center” in Greenwich Village, NYC. This experience offered me the unique training opportunity to integrate trauma-related work with the humanistic-based psychology model into my psychotherapy practice.

Additional Professional Training • ICPTM

Focusing Psychotherapy & Cultivating Unconditional Presence with John Welwood at Omega Institute in NY.
Somatic Psychotherapy training at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in NYC.
Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) with Brent Baum in Chicago.
Ken Wilbur’s Superhuman OS Online Training
Advanced Level Breathwork Practitioner Trainings including Rebirthing & Clarity Breathwork.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at Omega Institute in NY.
Trained in Reiki Levels I & II

Trained Kabbalistic Healing Modalities.  Attained a concentration level in Kabbalistic Studies for a Masters Program in Judaic Studies.

Certified as a Living Foods Nutritionist at the Body-Mind Institute.
Certified with the Lineage Project to teach mindfulness-based exercises to teenagers.
Holistic-based trainings at The Tree of Life Institute in AZ & Hippocrates Institute in FL.
Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing EMDR at the Open Center in NYC with Laurel Parnel who is an expert on dissociation, attachment and transpersonal experiences relating to EMDR
Certified Transformational Life Coaching Training at the Open Center in NYC
One year-long Clinical Hypnotherapy Training at the Center for the advancement of training in clinical hypnosis (CATCH) in NYC
Shamanism & Psychotherapy related Trainings with Sandra Ingerman at Omega Institute,  NY, Dr. Alberto Villoldo at the Open Center, NYC and with Itzhak Beery in NYC

“It is our greatest pain that may contain a deeper purpose.
Therapist and client enter into those places most feared for the purpose of healing through suffering, with the intent of actualizing wholeness.”
~Dr. Michelle Miller