Important Logistics to Read Before your Session

Please read the below items to prepare for your Initial & On-Going Sessions with Dr. Miller. 

1. Please contact Dr. Miller’s assistant Chelsea for any logistical matters outside of the session time including payment, scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation, insurance or financial matters. You can either text her at 646-627-9513 or email her at: If you need to reach out within the same day of your scheduled session please text Dr. Miller directly at 646-694-0793.

2. For In-Person Sessions: Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled session time. Please do not talk or make any loud noise in the waiting room.

3. For Online Sessions:

For Skype sessions, please send Dr. Miller a contact request prior to your session. Her Skype username is Dr.MichelleMiller. At the start of the session Dr. Miller will accept your request and will Skype you.

For FaceTime sessions, please text your FaceTime # to Dr. Miller at 646-694-0793 before the start of the session and Dr. Miller will FaceTime you at the start of the scheduled session time.

4. Dr. Miller has a 48 hour cancellation policy for both Online and In-Office sessions. If you cancel within the 48 hour period prior to your scheduled session time you will need to pay the full session fee. Extreme or unusual situations are considered. If you need to reschedule or cancel within the 48 hour period prior to your session please either email or text Dr. Miller’s assistant Chelsea at: 646-627-9513 or at  Chelsea will do her best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee another slot during that time if you do need to reschedule.

5. All major Credit Cards are accepted including HSA & FSA Health cards

6. The Day of Your Session: If you need to contact Dr. Miller the day of your session please text her at 646-694-0793. Please note that she is usually back to back with clients on session days and you might need to wait until the beginning of your session time to hear back from her. Due to the nature of this practice there may be a waiting period before the start of your session. If the waiting period is more than 7 minutes Dr. Miller will usually notify her clients via text.

7. For Out-of-Network Insurance Compensation:  Clients pay out of pocket and then get compensated by their insurance if they have out of network mental health benefits. Please keep a record of all of the session dates and email them to Chelsea at: on a monthly basis along with the full name on that matches the insurance planaddress that matches your insurance plan, your insurance ID, insurance plan name and date of birth. Chelsea will then email you a signed claims form within a week for you to submit to your insurance company. Many times insurance companies have a form that they require for you to download on their website and submit for mental health services compensation. In this case, please email Chelsea a pdf or scanned version of this form in the same email requesting an insurance invoice. It will then be electronically signed and emailed back to you. The information on the insurance invoice that Chelsea will email you will have all of the information required to fill out your insurance company’s downloaded form. If you have any further questions about this process please feel free to email or text Chelsea at 646-627-9513.

I am honored to be connecting with you in this sacred shared space and hope that this therapeutic process will be a vital part of your healing journey!

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”

~Carl Jung