Greenwich Village, N.Y.C. Office

1 Milligan Place, Buzzer/Suite 2 (6th Ave bet 10th & 11th Streets)
New York, New York 10011
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Instructions: please read the “Before Your Session” page on my site before coming for an in-person session

Directions for the NYC Office Address: Press the #2 buzzer at the black gate and press the “office 2” buzzer at the first door on the left past the black gate. After you walk through the double doors it’s the second door on the left which takes you into the waiting room. Please note that the black gate opens quietly so you will need to push on it right after you buzz me.

The picture below is of the entrance to the Greenwich Village Office which has a small turtle and fish pond. The office itself faces a serene garden.


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“All Healing is Self-healing, No one heals us; We heal ourselves by the power of knowing our place in the Universe…”

~Alberto Villoldo