Online Sessions

I Currently offer Online, Phone & In-Person Sessions. 

I use Online Sessions as the main medium for my work with my clients. I find these online mediums to be the most productive, impactful and sustainable for the type of work that I do with my clients. Most of my clients who have worked with me both in-person and online now prefer to continue working with me online for most of the reasons below.

There are many benefits to Online Sessions including:

  • I am more accessible and am always one click away.
  • It’s Very Convenient!
  • You can do your sessions in the comfort of your own space/home.
  • No long commute, waiting in traffic or a waiting room.
  • Clients tend to feel much more comfortable discussing difficult topics online than they do in-person which accelerates the shifts throughout the healing process.
  • Accessible Therapeutic Healing Sessions for those who live in remote areas, travel frequently, and/or are disabled.
  • I specialize in modalities that are not easily available locally.
  • Schedule friendly. I can cater to a non-traditional schedule due to the flexibility of these online mediums.

“Consciousness transforms when our ego identity is threatened and our hearts are challenged to open.
Morever, such growth or transformation is a natural evolutionary process that anyone can access.
Disturbances such as depression, anxiety or physical illness can be vehicles of growth.”
– Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli